HanseRepro ...22763 Hamburg

Avant-garde based on tradition.

Anyone who has anything to do with print and the world of printing in Hamburg’s Metropolitan region has most likely encountered HanseRepro – a melting pot of traditional print shops since 1984 and a state-of-the art institution for up-to-the-minute digitalization.

A keen awareness of the present and the future is what moved us to undertake a change in 2013 and leave the past with its entirely different business structures to make room for new growth.  Our recent move to our new premises in a lovingly restored  marzipan factory in Hamburg - Ottensen, offers all the modern comforts our clients and employees could wish for: bright rooms, traditional craftsmanship, charming atmosphere, plenty of parking, and above all a professional and expandable IT system.

New Address:
Griegstraße 75 · Haus 24 C
22763 Hamburg

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